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Moo Baa Munch

Moo Baa Munch - getting down to the farm.

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 Moo Baa Munch is an agriculture industry awareness event that consists of school and community days held at a school farm. Secondary student days focus on activities that increase student awareness of the vast variety of careers in the agriculture sector. Primary student days concentrate on showing students where their food comes from through interactive presentations. The Family Fun days promote the key message of Every Family Needs A Farmer to families and the general public through a range of interactive activities showcasing where food and fibres comes from as well as information on the variety of agricultural careers.
The aims of the event are to:
• Strengthen and rebuild connections between the city and rural Queensland
• Promote a positive image of Queensland agriculture to the urban population in relation to our environmental, animal welfare and economic credentials
• Promote agriculture as an exciting and rewarding career with multiple pathways
• Raise awareness of the origins of food and fibre and the important role farmers play in the lives of each Queensland family

Our objectives will be:
• To increase the number of students undertaking a career in agribusiness related careers
• To increase students understanding of the origins of food and fibre
• To showcase the use of technology and innovation in agriculture
• To provide hands-on agricultural experiences
• To provide an exciting, fun and hands-on agriculture experience for students and their families
• To showcase a range of primary production sectors and the valuable part they play in everyday life.