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Primary School Resources


Across Australia there has been a noticeable disconnect between agriculture and education.

Many children grow up with little or no understanding of where their food and fibre originates from. Ask a child if they know where their breakfast cereal or toast came from and they are likely to name the supermarket their family uses. Ask them to think about where the food came from originally; before it got to the supermarket shelves, and you may well get a blank look.

Why is it important for children to know about agriculture?
• It helps them to develop a broader view of life incorporating concepts vital to all our well-being, such as life cycles, science, plants and animals.
• It offers young people the opportunity to develop an understanding of what constitutes healthy food choices and those that are a less healthy choice (such as highly refined/processed foods).
• It offers them the opportunity to understand how fabrics they wear and use every day are made, such as cotton and wool – even if they are blended fabrics.
• It is vital to our countries economy that young people go on to choose careers in the food and fibre related industries, either directly or indirectly.
• It is vital to our countries food and water security that young people grow up with an understanding of where their food and fibre comes from so they understand the importance of these industries as they mature in to adulthood.

Food is vital to our existence and without a basic knowledge of where this comes from we are putting young people at a disadvantage, which can result in poor diet and poor health in the short term, and in the long term may lead to the disintegration of Australia's primary industries.

These books have been developed for use in the classroom to assist the students to learn more about food and fibre and where it comes from. They are a colourful and interactive way of learning that encourage student engagement, and through language and images, aid learning.

Click on the links to use the resource books:

          a gold bull                  a gold bull  

            Read online                  pdf copy for printing


          a gold sheep                  a gold sheep

            Read online                   pdf copy for printing


          a gold tractor                  a gold tractor

            Read online                   pdf copy for printing


          a gold moo baa munch sticker                  a gold moo baa munch sticker  

             Read online                   pdf copy for printing