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Stahmann Farms

Beginning in 1965, Stahmann Farms has expanded to become the owner and operator of the largest pecan orchard in the Southern Hemisphere, and the prime grower, purchaser, processor, manufacturer and marketer of Pecans in Australia. In addition, Stahmann Farms is also a leading purchaser, processor, marketer, retail packer and exporter of Australian Macadamias, Walnuts and Almonds, and provides processing, manufacturing, value adding and horticultural services to the broader nut sector. The company is one of Australia's most respected nut brands, packing for a number of private label and proprietary brands, and the owners of the "Riverside All Australian" and "Ducks Nuts" brands. Operations are in two main locations; the farm located in Northern New South Wales, and the factory in Southern Queensland.

The Farm:

The farm, "Trawalla", is located 35km east of the township of Moree. Currently with 80,000 mature trees, the farm has pioneered the development of advanced biological pest control technologies and is therefore pesticide free. Two main varieties of Pecan nuts are grown, with trial work currently underway in these and other varieties.

The Factory:

Located in Toowoomba, the factory employees up to 100 people depending on the time of year and processes 6,000 tonnes of nuts per year. Nut-In-Shell is delivered to the facility for processing, bagging, value adding, and packing, depending on the product requirements. Product is then sold either domestically or exported. 

Career Pathways:

Stahmann Farms holds a diverse range of career opportunities within the company in both the processing factory and on farm. Areas include; Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management, Sales, Export, Quality Assurance, Food Safety & Compliance, Factory & Farm Maintenance, Inventory Control, Farm Operations, Factory Operations Supervision, and Research & Development.

Employee Profile

Reanna is a current employee of Stahmann Farms, training to become an Administration Officer.

Do you come from an agricultural background?

No I don't come from an Agricultural background, but there are plenty of jobs within agricultural businesses that don't require any agricultural background or knowledge.

What training have you undertaken so far?

So far I have undertaken:

· Cert II in Business completed as part of a subject at school.

· Cert III in Business Admin through a school based trainee ship in grade 11 & 12.

· Currently working on completing a Cert IV in Business Admin.

Why did you choose your current career path?

I enjoyed completing my school based traineeship through Stahmann Farms, and there was the opportunity for further training if I stayed with the company. I saw my current career path as a good opportunity to get some experience within the workforce, and enjoyed what I was doing in my school based Trainee ship.

Why did you want to work for Stahmann Farms?

I wanted to work for Stahmann Farms because there is a great work environment with lost of friendly staff. There is also a lot of variety within the tasks that I complete making it challenging everyday.

What opportunities exist for you within your chosen field (within Stahmanns and elsewhere)?

There are many opportunities within my field, this includes learning new roles within the workplace and gaining confidence in them. This gives more skills to the workplace that can be applied in many different contexts, including within my current role as well as future employment opportunities.

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