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The School to Industry Partnership Program runs AgConnect opportunities which bring secondary school students together with specific local agricultural and related industries.

This can be done in several ways, but one way which offers students a chance to really take a look at a workplace is through an AgConnect industry tour day.

On an AgConnect industry tour, a group of students are taken to a range of local industries and shown around the workplace, while being given an overview of the industry and how it fits in to the wider scope of agri-business.

This allows students a glimpse of industry, conditions and a range of careers, and the opportunity to talk to employees and employers; which can lead to further discussion in class and with careers counsellors.

Another outcome can be that some of the businesses may have opportunities to take on trainees or apprentices or even have some part-time/seasonal/weekend or casual work on offer to students.

While SIPP is not in a position to run an AgConnect industry tour for each school in Queensland, we are able to offer guidance to teachers and career counsellors who may be considering developing such an event.


If you are interested in organising an event like an AgConnect industry tour for your students, here are some ideas for you to consider:

  • What agricultural, or related, industries are in your area?
  • Will they allow you to visit?
  • How many students do you want to take – and how many can each industry cope with?
  • Have you got a range of different industries on your itinerary so that it is an interesting day for a wider range of students?
  • Should you take all your students, or get them to apply for the event to show they are genuinely interested in what you are organising?
  • What preparation do you want the students to do so they get the most out of the industry visits, and what follow-up might be needed?