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Australian Wool Innovation - Learn About Wool

A brand new resource is now available to both primary and secondary schools with the launch of the Australian Wool Innovation Education Kits.

Developed in conjunction with leading primary and secondary teachers, the free Learn About Wool kits include multimedia presentations, fabric and fibre samples, factsheets and posters. The extensive classroom resources describe in detail the on-farm production, processing, marketing and fashion aspects of Australia's natural fibre.
Whether investigating wool as a material for a fashion project, exploring its rich and colourful history or investigating the way modern wool producers manage the natural environment, the Learn About Wool kit contains material to engage and excite students across all ages and learning areas.

The kit has already been classroom-tested by many teachers.
"The Learn About Wool kit has enable me to explore how wool is produced and what happens after it leaves the farm with my students. The samples allow students to touch and feel the product as they learn. The broad range of factsheets give me the confidence to talk about different features and the additional images and videos on the USB add an extra dimension to my teaching. The kit is an excellent resource for kinder to Year 10 students," said Mrs Peta Copps, Infants teacher, St Matthews Catholic School Mudgee.

Large fabric samples within the kit allow children to feel the softness of Australian Merino wool and are supported by text and graphics explaining the many potential users of the fibre. Large posters explain the journey wool takes from the sheep's back through both woollen and worsted processing to the end user. Two sets of extensive factsheets contain significant industry information in easy-to-digest graphics and text.

The Learn About Wool kit is now an online resource, developed with the F-10 component of the Australian Curriculum. This flexible and interactive range of resources can be easily incorporated into everyday classroom activities and support the development of students in line with curriculum guidelines across key content areas, including science, history, geography, design and technologies, and business and economics.

The Learn About Wool program builds on Australian Wool Innovation's education portfolio which continues to reconnect new generations of Australians with our country's most famous fibre. With tens of thousands of Sam the Lamb colouring books and posters distributed yearly, and the Wool4School Design Competition now engaging more than 10,000 students annually, the message of living naturally and choosing wool is reaching many young Australians.

Learn About Wool kits are free to any primary or secondary teacher. To apply simply contact the AWI Helpline on 1800 070 099 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Learn About Wool

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