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Australian Pork Limited - Education Toolkit


Students of today will be the decision-makers of the future and it is vitally important that we empower them to learn about their food futures, the environment in which food is grown and produced, and ways food is processed and prepared for eating.

Australian Pork Limited has developed three Food Production Education Resources aligned to the new Australian curriculum in Technologies, Science and Geography.

The units contain activities aiming to educate students and the wider school community on the following:

Systems of care used by farmers for pigs that are grown, raised and processed for food and how farmers manage these systems;
Sustainable resource management practices in food and fibre production; and
Food production (pork) in managed systems and how these systems are becoming more sustainable.
The Resources have been successfully trialled in over 20 schools across Australia and are already starting to have a real impact.

APL - Education Toolkit

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