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Work Experience

Some high school students seek work experience on working properties. Work experience entails the provision of an experience in your industry to a student. Work experience is usually unpaid, however some hosts offer to cover specific costs or wages.

To host a work experience student, it is best to contact the guidance or careers councillor at the horse riderstudent's school to formalise the placement. When speaking with the councillor, ensure that the student is covered by the school's insurance, and that the school makes you aware of any dietary and medical requirements the student may hold.

Establish clear aims and goals the student wishes to achieve with the councillor, and a timeframe for the duration of the work experience. It is best to host a work experience student during a period where you are able to offer them substantial one-on-one mentoring and when you are undertaking interesting jobs on farm which they can be included in.

If your property is located in a fairly remote area, it may work best to take on the work experience student during school holiday time so they can live and work on the property for a full week or more.