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As a family-owned and operated business, Stanbroke has a dedication to complete quality assurance and traceability. From paddock to plate, we retain full ownership and control of the entire beef production process.

We are the largest privately owned vertically integrated beef business in the world. We breed, background, finish and produce Australia's finest beef and deliver it to all four corners of the globe. From leading restaurants across the world to family meals at home, our beef inspires every chef to serve their finest dishes.

Because Stanbroke carefully manages the entire production process we see the powerful interconnection between our food supply, our natural environment, and our health. We fully understand how they all depend on each other. Everyday we strive to nurture this way of thinking in everyone who works for us and to instil it into our entire supply chain.

We believe in the tradition of sustainably managing our land to provide superb quality beef for generations to come. However we also believe that innovation can enhance our traditions and help us respond to the world's evolving taste for quality beef. We constantly seek new ways to improve our beef and provide our customers with the products they want now and into the future.

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