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What is it?

Vets provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sickness, disease and injury in all types of animals.

What will I do?

Being a vet could involve examining and treating animals, prescribing medication, and using diagnostic imaging techniques like radiography and ultrasound. You might also perform surgery, dress wounds, or set broken bones. You could provide obstetric services to animals or perform autopsies to determine cause of death. Maybe you will participate in programs designed to prevent occurrence and spread of animal diseases including vaccinating animals, testing for diseases and notifying authorities of outbreaks of infectious animal diseases. Vets also provide advice to clients on health, nutrition and feeding, hygiene, breeding and care of animals.

Is it right for me?

If you enjoy science and working with animals, have skills in problem solving, observation, communication, organisation, can work in a team or on your own - then yes!

How do I get there?

A career as a vet requires a degree in veterinary science.

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