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Farm Manager

What is it?

A farm manager overseas farm operation including livestock managment, crop cultivation, fruit and vegetable production and other agricultural enterprises.

What will I do?

Being a farm manager includes tasks such as preparing annual forecasts, budgets and other business plans. You would also monitor and maintain records of things like production, operating costs, inputs and market changes. Depending on the type of farm, you would be looking after animals, plants or both and preparing them for market. You would also be involved in the marketing and sale of your product. The farm manager also supervises other farm staff, ensures buildings and equipment are maintained and undertakes activities to ensure good environmental management.

Is it right for me?

If you like working outdoors, working with animals and plants, can work independently and have skills in planning, problem solving, technology use, communication, mechanics and organisation - then yes!

How do I get there?

There are many pathways to a job on a farm - you can do a traineeship, study agriculture at university or go straight into a job.

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